Friday, September 19, 2014

Kantha Work –where simplicity speaks

Off white Kantha saree
 “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”; and nothing can better explain this statement than sophisticated art works.  There are many examples which testify to this fact and it is most true for creations like handworks on textiles, decors, wall hangings and other home embellishments. Kantha works on sarees and stoles are unique specimens which reflect sophisticated handworks in quintessential style.

What is Kantha Style?: Kantha is a typical form of embroidery where simple handstiched designs made out of thread. It is an age old of tradition in India where pieces of Sarees were being layered together and running stitches were applied on them in order to create coverings for children. The simplistic design later morphed into a quintessential artwork and slowly made its way to sarees and stoles.  Kantha work were being inspired from motifs like birds, animals, fishes, and also folk scenes that vividly depicted livelihood of people.
Nashikantha, an enriched creation: Any kind of art which is cultured for a prolonged period of time flourishes ever more. One such example is Nakshikantha. In simple words, Nakshikantha is an embroidered quilt, but its rich and intricate design patterns and the combo of strong colors like yellow, red, blue further accentuates its design.  
In most cases Nakshikantha has bicolor shades with intricate design works being highlighted in it.
Silk Jamewar Kantha Shawl

Kantha works in sarees and stoles: What started as a requirement for common households slowly made its way as a popular art form across Bengal, Orissa, and also Bangladesh and is a specialty of Bolpur, West Bengal. Initially an outline is drawn on the drape and then vibrant colors are used     to create an embroidered design so as to render it a stunning appearance. Kantha works are popular on Tussar, silk, rawsilk, and also on . Most Kantha based designs are handwoven which means that it is almost impossible for anybody to find a replica of a particular artwork. Even for the weaver himself it is hard to create a duplication of the original version.
Price of Kantha sarees: Interestingly, Kantha sarees are available on various price range and it may vary from three to twenty five thousand on an average.
 The ethnic appeal of Kantha works makes it a favorite among most fashionnistas… the simple design paralleled with bright color tones makes Kantha work recognized as a hallmark of simplicity and grace.

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