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Dhokra art – From ancient to contemporary

An art is one of the most evident depictions of culture. Most ancient culture boasts of its own contemporary art form which ensembles the lifestyle of the particular era. Dhokra happens to be one of the finest  art specimen which hasn’t just evolved as a part of a  culture, but has morphed itself to represent the contemporary.
Model in Dhokra Jewelries
Origin of Dhokra: The very name “Dhokra” is said to have originated from “Dhokra Damar” tribe who had used the lost wax technology to cast the metals. It dates back to around 4000 years back during the times of Mahen-jo-daro civilization when Dhokra depicted figments of the then culture and lifestyle. One of the testaments to this fact is the “dancing girl” Dhokra art found amongst the remnants of time. It still remains as one of the finest examples of this ancient art.

Dhokra Home Decor
Dhokra Jewelries

Part of Lifestyle: Despite the fact that Dhokra has its origin in past, the art form is gladly welcomed in the life of modern India. Dhokra ornaments are often used as an accompaniment to ethnic apparels. While gold and other metals render an ostentatious appearance to its wearers, Dhokra simply paints the whole attire in an artistic tinge. The jewelries are also combined with Indo western dresses which render a Bohemian aura to its wearer. On the other hand, the same art has found its place in artistic mansions of art aficionados. While most living room decors proudly boasts of the class and stature of its owners, Dhokra essentially reflects their taste. 

Gita Karmakar, Dhokra artist
Dhokra Art in Bankura, West Bengal: Dhokra art is quite popular in Bikhuni village in Bankura. Around 70 families are engaged in the creation, the village is almost a hub of Dhokra creations in India. Gita karmakar is a president awardee and one of the eminent names who have contributed in the art. Batsar in Madhya Pradesh and Monihar in Bihar are yet other examples.

More than just art, Dhokra carries within itself a  timeless saga of long lost culture and civilization. It  still remains a memento of the past and an iconic art of today.

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