Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kotpad –a creation of Koraput

Saree is India’s one of the most eminent gifts to the fashion world. When draped in a saree a woman has that quintessential appeal which enwraps her in an entirely enigmatic aura! While some of these creations are just apt for an ostentatious profile, sarees like Kotpad are meant to simply amplify one’s grace and elegance. Devoid of ostentatious ornamentations, Kotpad is simply designed, elegant in appearance with a texture assuring ultimate comfort. It is commonly available in pure cotton, tussar or in a blend of cotton and tussar materials.

kotpad saree from Koraput
The saree essentially hails from Koraput- a region located along the tribal belt of Odisha district in India. The tribes are known as “Adivasis”, meaning the original inhabitants. Owing to the rapid urbanization of these areas, a number of tribals have embraced modernization to a large extent. Kotpad, is one of the eminent creations of Koraput, and thus unfolds the story of relentless hard work of tribal weavers and also some of the other weaver families who have been instrumental in making Kotepad what it is today.

Bula and her family
Bula, a face among many: Like many others, Bula is a small member of one of the weavers family. With three elder sister and parents, Bula’s family is her little own world. Her father, Prahlad Mahato is one of the talented weavers who has been contributing relentlessly in creating fine pieces of the drape. Bula is surely one of the contributing members in the family for whom the reward is her family’s happiness. When asked, what she would aspire for in life, all she would reply is “just a smile on my mother’s face…”

Yarn processing
Kotpad – a silver lining: Most weaver families thrive on handmade creations, a legacy inherited from their ancestors. Most are available in hues of white, maroon, red and black. The color is something contributed by the bark at the root of Aal tree. The sarees are hand woven, processed, refined and then made available in the market. The long winded process includes processing the yarn in cowdung, drying, rinsing, and then later decorating them with simple embellishments.

Kotpad is available in most stores of Orissa and thankfully also made available online for sale by some of the patrons of this garment. The simplicity of the wear just speaks of the story behind its creation. In a nutshell, Kotpad is essentially one of the offerings of Koraput …with stories of the weavers well knitted within its folds.


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